Bihar student loan services

On the day of 2nd October 2016, Bihar Government opened the doors for higher education for its students. The Government came with a Bihar student credit card policy. The aim was to regain the pride of the state by improving the Gross Enrol Ratio (GER) of Bihar. To serve the people of Bihar with financial help for better and quality academics. 

The program allows you to apply for a Bihar Student Credit Card online. The details of the program are given below. 

Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana:

Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana is a program that enables financially weak students for their higher education. The government wants to uplift all the people of Bihar by assisting them financially and by opening an opportunity for them. In August 2018, Bihar had 14.3% of the Gross Enrolment Ratio whereas India’s average Gross Enrolment Ratio was 24% in the same year. 

Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana became highly successful. In a short span of 5 years, it has helped thousands of students and has increased the GER by 30%. The program provides you with financial uplifting by 4 Lakh INR at minimal interest rates.

Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana

Bihar Student Credit Card is only for educational purposes. You can’t use it like a regular credit card. You can only buy devices and stuff that you can further use in your academics.

Benefits of MNSSBY Bihar Student Credit Card Yojna:

Below are the advantages that students will get through Bihar Student Credit Card Yojna.

Are you eligible for MNSSBY Bihar Student Credit Card Yojna?

Below is the condition that you need to fulfil to apply for this program.

Are you eligible for MNSSBY Bihar Student Credit Card Yojna?

Below is the condition that you need to fulfil to apply for this program.

How can you apply for the MNSSBY Bihar Student Credit Card Online?

Here is the step-by-step process for applying for a Bihar Student Credit Card.

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